Many couples and families choose steakhouses to gather for eating and cheering in those special occasions such as parties, anniversaries, birthdays, and certain small events. People want to seek one that comforts them, serves delicious dishes, and offers a fine dining experience. One of the best steakhouse in Danang which you should not miss is Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse. And one of the restaurant’s regular customers commented that it was the best steakhouse in Danang that she had ever eaten at.  Check out what Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse has to offer as one of the best steakhouse in Da Nang!

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Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse

Featured atmosphere for a steakhouse

Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse is located on Indochina Mall, 74 Bach Dang Street, one of the most beautiful central streets in Da Nang. The interior of the space is designed in a classic European style. The arrangement of tables and chairs, decoration, and deep yellow light create warmth and closeness. The air is not smelly, even though it is indoors, it is quite airy. The distance between the tables is just right, still enough privacy for each table. There are tables for couples and friends and large tables for families. All combined to create a comfortable space for customers when using meals at this restaurant. If you have an important appointment that requires a little privacy, you can reserve a table in advance to choose the desired seating position.

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Warm space in European style

Variety Menu Options

As a restaurant specializing in steak, the quality of beef here is certainly unquestionable. The dishes here are all selected with the best meat. Besides top-notch steak dishes such as Angus Beef, and Wagyu Beef – one of the famous American beef brands, the restaurant also serves other dishes such as pasta, burgers, salad, and soup. And a steak wouldn’t be complete without a good glass of red wine, right? Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse has a wine menu for you to choose to use with the dishes here. The wine here is all imported high-class wine, you can order wine by the glass or bottle depending on your needs. In addition to alcohol, the restaurant also has other drinks such as beer, cocktails, and juices, especially dark beer. Olivia’s Prime also has a menu to suit your needs if you’re not going to eat at the restaurant.

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Variety Menu Options

High-quality fresh ingredients

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High-quality fresh ingredients

The meat at the restaurant is strictly selected by the restaurant owner and experienced chef with the desire to bring the best quality of meat to the customer’s meal. The beef here is imported from the US, Japan, and Australia with strict review criteria. The steaks here are made with a variety of meats but don’t be alarmed Olivia’s Prime will recommend it to you before you order. In addition to the “main character” being beefsteak, other dishes are also made from fresh ingredients every day. Seafood and vegetables at Olivia’s Prime are also selected fresh by the chef here every day. Desserts are also a big plus on the restaurant’s menu.

Experienced chefs – Professional and friendly service

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Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse is highly appreciated by customers not only for the quality of the food but also for the staff, which makes customers want to visit this steakhouse often. The chefs at Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse are all chefs with long experience, the staff here are all knowledgeable about steaks to be able to accurately introduce information to customers and are always ready to serve. at the table to bring customers the most perfect dish. Olivia’s Prime not only strives to provide the best customer experience but also cares about its employees, regularly holding training sessions for employees. Olivia’s Prime conveys messages to employees so that they can serve customers in the most professional and dedicated way.

Why is Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse the best steakhouse in Danang? SPACE – FOOD – SERVICE – 3 main factors that make Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse one of the best steakhouses in Danang. You will be immersed in the beautifully designed space; Diverse and high-class menu; Professional and attentive staff. And always listen, understand the wishes of customers to be able to bring a memorable experience at the restaurant. Those are the wishes that Olivia’s Prime hopes customers can feel. Book a table today so that Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse will bring you a quality, high-class, snug meal with the people you love!

Author: Duong Nguyen

Contact Info:

Address: Indochina Mall, 74 Bach Dang, Lot G1-G4, The Ground Floor, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Hotline: 0908.163.352

Email: olivia@oliviasprime.com

Fanpage: facebook.com/oliviasprime






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